BLOG for April 2017

An update On the ongoing repairs. When the repairman looked at our diswasher he determined the seal and the impeller were bad and is going to replace the seal. I found an impeller at a place online called The Igniter Store. I was surprised that a place specializing in electric stove, heater, oven sparking igniters would have an impeller for a 13 year old 18" wide Whirlpool dishwasher but they did and now it is installed. The new drain hose is routed to where it doesn't kink and it is draining completely again. YEAH!

The gas furnace blower motor was vibrating and when the repairman came by to check it out it started raining. Apparently there was a problem with the bearings causing the thing to vibrate and make a whining noise. To get out of the rain, he took the unit into his repair van to work on it and found a crack in the heat exchanger. That could explain us waking up with headaches sometimes. Better than not waking up at all which was a definant possibility. Thank goodness it was raining or he may not have noticed it at all. Make sure that anytime you have your furnace serviced that they check the heat exchanger. The motor is covered under warranty from the manufacturer. The heat exchanger is not covered under the extended warranty so that it on us. He is scheduled to be over tomorrow to install everything.

I have not been able to find a replacement awning temperature and wind sensor. Apparently this model isn't being made any more. Improvements place the sensor on the end of the awning roller instead of up on the roof of the motor home. It is probably an improvement but we would have to replace the whole unit, control panel and wiring. I am still looking but currently, the control panel switch is turned to inactive so it doesn't beep continuously.

Judy tells me I am a bit impatient waiting for some warmer temperatures. I want to get the skirting off and stored and replace the hydraulic jack springs. "Not before Mothers Day" she says. And really, the weather is not quite warm enough yet as it is still down into the 30's at night and the skirting makes a huge difference on the temperatures inside especially on how cold the floor feels on your feet. Hopefully by next month we will have all of this stuff done!

Judy and I are spending more time studying our ASA course books. The closer we get to our June sailing courses (2 months to go) the more excited we get. Our instructor Captain for the course is friends with someone selling a Beneteau 50'. If it is still available when we get there we will definitely take a look at it. We are thinking that if we could find the right boat at the right price, right enough to pay for moorage for a year in Tacoma or Olympia, we could actually pull the trigger on something this fall. That is really exciting to think about having a boat to spend time on for the next year. But, everything has to be priced right and have the right equipment to make that happen.

We still have our three original Native American paintings by Bill Rabbit. If you or if you know anyone who is interested in buying it check them out on Bill Rabbit Art.

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.