BLOG for August 2016

It is a little mind boggling how fast things are moving. The appraisal is scheduled for Monday and we close on the sale of our house in a little over two weeks. That is when we will move into the motorhome full time. We have sold everything except our bedroom furniture, two sofas, an end table and our original native american Bill Rabbit art, and miscellaneous things. The house echos now like crazy it is so empty.

As you would expect, nothing happens without some glitches. I went to excersize the generator and it wouldn't start, the hydraulic slide wouldn't pull the slide in without assistance, and the air conditioning compressor has is slowly leaking refrigerant. Lucky I guess we have had a mild summer so far. So, to the shop we go for the necessary repairs and also to have the furnace and air conitioner serviced before we move in. We are in for a very busy couple of weeks.

We have made a few trips in the meantime to grab some R&R and get used to life in an RV. Besides, you know what they say about all work and no play. We have gone to Seaside and Joseph, Oregon, Clarkston and Silver Creek, Washington. Videos and or photos are posted on our You Tube channel.