BLOG for February 2017

February is half over already. There is still lots of snow and ice but it is melting fairly quickly with the temps getting into the 40's now. This has been a winter to remember (or not) and we are so ready for spring, not to be wishing our lives away but really? Temp's below zero, broken furnace, frozen water lines, frozen water waste tank valves, frozen hoses, snow, ice, work closures, just a really crazy winter. It will be interesting to see what type of summer we have. Will it be hot and dry or cool and wet? Whatever it is we will take it in stride.

Judy and I are recovering from a really nasty cold (are there any other kinds?) the past few weeks. We are both feeling better now but it was rough going for a few days. We made sure to keep the fluids and vitamins going and getting enough rest helped to get us over it as quick as possible. Thanks everyone for the kind wishes.

We spend some of our time watching people on YouTUBE out cruising the world, living out their dreams and we realize the commitment, the hard work and sacrifice, and the months or years of saving for their cruising kitty and it is inspiring. It is imperative that we humans have some goal that we want so badly that we are willing to make sacrifices to accomplish it. Seeing others living their dreams, inspires us and encourages us. We know that if they can do it, we can do it. We hope you are continually striving for something better, something greater. We think that at least some of the satisfaction comes from overcoming the struggles along the journey not just the destination. Would getting the prize be so sweet if it was easy? We don't think so.

We are proceeding like we know what we are doing. Studying our ASA books preparing for our June sailing courses, which is less than 4 months now. We are gathering the sailing gear we will need a little at a time including sailing gloves, base layers, coastal cruising, foul weather gear, and footwear. This summer is going to be a fun time for sure. It will be so nice to get on a boat again to do some San Juan Islands cruising.

We have been contemplating our time line on purchasing and moving on a boat. One scenario is to buy something in the fall of 2018 if we find the right boat at the right price close to our present location, ideally, that would be in Portland, Oregon, Tacoma, Gig Harbor or Olympia Washington which would be close enough to visit on weekends and make any repairs or upgrades so it would be ready to go when the time arrives. Another thought is to wait and buy something the summer of 2019. In this scenario we would be looking anywhere in the world knowing that if it is overseas, we could sell the motor home and vehicles and fly to wherever the prospective boat is located, or if it is in the US we would take the motor home there and do whatever repairs and upgrades are needed. You know what they say about the best laid plans. So, we are flexible.

In the meantime we are keeping things running, making repairs, enjoying each others company and saving for the next big adventure.

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.