BLOG for January 2018

Happy New Year everyone!! We are hoping that everyone of you who read our blog had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday. We hope you were surrounded with friends and family and smothered with love and affection from the most important people in your lives. We missed our famly as we stayed home this year but we did get to spend some quality time with our good friends while staying on our boat over the entire 11 days off. And now, 2018 is calling. Time for focusing on this years goals.

The new dodger and bimini are finished so we are high and dry in the cockpit. The interior cushions are next in line to finish up the 2017/18 winter projects. Part of that is somehow modifying the aft cabin setee and maybe the actual berth which we like to set at an angle so we can get in and out without climbing over one another. We just aren't sure if we have the room to get that done.

On a final note, January was a real challanging one. My laptop crashed resulting in us loosing all of the editing software and files for our website. We did recover them but it was a time consuming effort. Then my uncle passed away. It was a bitter-sweet occasion as we did get to visit with family not seen for almost 15 years. Then we both cought the flu we are still not over completely. It was bruttal I can say. Then Judy's cpu crashed and luckily we did not loose any of the youtube video files stored on that machine. But it has been a stressful time and has delayed our updates. It is nice to be back in the saddle again. NOW COME ON 2018!!! Let's do this.

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.