BLOG for July 2016

As most of us are born to a life on the land, we too are stuck on land. Or, I should say for now we are BUT THEN Judy suggests we retire on a boat. This one statement started us down a road with such increasing speed our heads are spinning. SEA LIFE HERE WE COME!

Intially we thought we would stay in our current home and sell it when we were ready to finally retire, maybe 2-3 years from now. But, as we sold the motorcycles, the pontoon boat, the truck, we began to think, 2-3 years is a long time to plan our adventure. But planning an adventure and having an adventure are two very different things. As Judy said, I STILL HAVE 2 YEARS TO LIVE! So maybe we should sell the house now, move into a smaller place, maybe a condo or townhouse and spend some time doing some more interesting things. Like taking sailing classes, getting our diving certificates and preparing ourselves for the big leap when it arrives.

Then the reality hit us. It costs money to sell property. I mean lots of money. We are going pay 10's of thousands of dollars to sell the current house, then there are the costs to move to another place (outrageous) and then pay to sell that place. Then there is the time it will take to sell all the things we won't need on a boat at the last minute. It was just such a waste of time and money. Money we will need to have handy to get on the ocean sooner rather than later. Money to make the necessary repairs, money to upgrade or add the necessary electronics gear, running and standing rigging, ground tackle, etc. Too much money that we need to hang on too.

A short time later, after counting how many months it is going to take up to recoup the costs, Judy jokingly suggests we downsize into a motor home. Not that motor homes are without expenses but we can get one for a lot less than a house. We would have sales tax but no moving costs and no more realtor fees. We can sell almost everything we can't use on the boat now. We can save the money we would have been paying to sell real property and save money every month compared to the cost of home ownership. There is also the added benefit that we can drive it to look at boats. What started out as an off the cuff comment made sense to us. Options! It's always good to give yourself more options.

Things have moved on so to speak. We purchased what we think is an adequate live in motor home. A 2004 Itasca Sunflyer 39T. It is pretty and comfortable. We have taken a couple of trips in it and, so far, it is working out very well. We are working on selling the house and finding a spot to park the RV for the next 2-3 years. That will free us up to the point we could perhaps purchase a boat sooner than we could otherwise and get most if not all the necessary reapirs and upgrades done so we we can get on the water on year one. Again, it provides options.

Our selection of the name AKIA came from the states we were living in when we met online. I was living in Anchorage, AK and Judy was living in Moville, IA thus the name AKIA was born. It just so happens, the urban dictionary has a really funny definition of Akia, we got a real laugh out of it. We have created a You Tube channel with the same name and we upload videos as we get them. Feel free to check it out and please email us with any questions or helpful comments.

Additional information

Needless to say, we are not spring chickens. Judy and I are near retirement and we love watching you tubers videos of adventurous sailers who have made the leap to leave the landbound way of life. Sailing Emerald Steel was our first exposure and we so appreciate Jules and Susie and would love to meet them in person someday. Later we ran across Sailing La Vagabond, SV Delos, Whitespot Pirates, Monday Never, Chase the Story, Lazy Gecko, Sailing Miss Lonestar, Sailing Nervous, SV Prism and Gone with the Wynns, a recent addition. There are so many more if we watched them all we wouldn't get our adventure off the couch. Which is good advice givin on Sailing Uma, don't buy a couch.

20 years ago I bought a Cal28 named Get-A-Grip from a good friend of mine. She was in a slip in Mission Bay San Diego, California. I loved being there and sailing up and down the coast. It has been a dream of mine for years to live on the water and sail. But, as always, if dreams are not nurtured and if plans to fulfill them are not put in place, other things will consume those resources. By choice, we have spent many years doing other things we enjoyed. We owned and boarded horses on the Appalachian Trail in Roanoke, Virginia, we rode motocycles in Colorado Springs, Las Vegas Nevada, to the Harley Davidson's 100th Anniversary in Milwalkee Wisconsin and in the Tri-Cities area in Washington, and other landbound ambitions. Until a few months ago when Judy said that we had spent most of our married life doing things she loved doing, and suggested that we think about retiring on a boat. WOW! Never give up on your dreams! If you can dream it, you can do it. Write it down. Plan it out. Set dates. WRITE THEM DOWN. Be flexible but stick to the plan. Dream it, plan it, and hang on. We are in for a ride.