BLOG for March 2017

We had to get the dishwasher fixed this month. Yup! Another month, another repair. We ran off of the freshwater tank all winter so we decided not to use the dishwasher. Now that the temperatures are staying above freezing we are running off of "city water" again. When we turned the dishwasher back on we discovered that the water wasn't draining which left the dishes dirty and water standing in the tub. I took the thing apart checking the impellers, the check valve, the drain lines, and the sink drain. I found a kink in the the drain line where it went around the metal slide arm under the galley sink and replaced it but the pump still doesn't drain completely. The impellers are no longer available so we may have to purchase a new dishwasher.

On a good note, our sailing course is only three months away. We will be there before we know it. Not having the sailing gear we think we need, we went to the West Marine store in Spokane but found that they carried no clothing at all. We should have called first I guess. Judy picked up a pair of sailing gloves and seasickness wristbands. She even found what is called a reliefband which is an electronic band that delivers electrical impulses that seem to have helped her vertigo and migrains. Since we couldn't find the Third Reef gear we wanted in Spokane, we ordered it online and it showed up last week. We are still looking for the some lighter weight gear. Things are steadily falling into place.

We are quite comfortable here, now that it is staying above freezing, as it is an awesome motorhome. It has everything we want. Although there are so many things we have repaired in the first 7 months, there are still many things that could require repair or replacement before we get to move onboard. We are keeping our fingers crossed that nothing else major breaks. We have a repair technician coming to see if there is anything that can be done for the dishwasher, check the gas furnace blower as it is making noise and vibrating, and the awning temperature and wind sensor is beeping in the control panel. Minor stuff thank goodness.

The only thing we have not sold so far is our three original Native American paintings by Bill Rabbit. We picked up these pieces in Las Vegas in 2003 while attending a Native Art Expo. He had the 36" diameter piece on his easel and the other two he had already completed. Bill passed away in April 2012 at 65. If you or if you know anyone who is interested in buying it check them out on Bill Rabbit Art.

There is not much else too exciting going on right now. We are going to work everyday and playing when we can. So until next month . . .

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.