BLOG for May 2017

With all known repairs completed. I mean really, do you ever know when something is going to be in need of repair? No. We did get the skirting off and the hydraulic jack springs replaced. Washed her and made her look all pretty. Of course it rained the next week. ARGH!

Tired of being holed up all winter we took LC AKIA on a little trip to Leavenworth, Washington. A cool little Bavarian style village with tons of shops all along the main drag full of wine tasting shops, gifts and eateries. This is the first opportunity we had to tow our Jeep behind us. You can't even tell it is there. The gas mileage was no different either. She towed very nice and she looked good doing it. We met up with our friends John and Darlene whom we hadn't seen in years. It was so good to see them again.

Before we left I checked the coolant, the oil and the pressure in the tires and one tire was low, the drivers side inside duelly. On the way down we thought we had a flat tire. We pulled over and checked but no flat. I checked the air pressure and sure enough, the same tire was low again. We were only 13 miles from Prosser so we pulled into Les Schwabb. They pulled the tires off and submerged the tire in a tub of water and found the valve extension was leaking, no hole in the tire, and didn't charge me a dime. Thank you Les Schwabb!! Turned out the noise we heard that we thought was a flat, was the front flap on the bra came unsnapped and started flapping. That caused us to pull over and check the tires. Lucky break there.

We stayed at the Icicle Rd RV Park about 3 miles from downtown Leavenworth, right on the Wenatche River. It was raging too. We were staying a little bit away so the roar of it was in the background. No, not like a nice babling brook, but a true roaring river. The hosts met us when we pulled in, knew our names and led us to our parking space and helped guide us as we backed in. Very nice, professional and helpful. We would stay there again.

While in Leavenworth we took a drive to Mountain Springs Resort about 14 miles from Leavenworth. They host events like weddings and reunions, they have horseback riding and zip lining, in the winter they have horse drawn sleigh rides and snowmobile rides. We did the 5 line zip line course. They have a 9 line also. It was a blast, the guides were professional and a lot of fun.

We are only a couple of short weeks from the sailing courses in Bellingham. We can't wait to get on the boat and spend 6 days and 5 nights sailing the San Juans and getting certified at the same time. We'll give you a full description of that when we get back.

We still have our three original Native American paintings by Bill Rabbit. If you or if you know anyone who is interested in buying it check them out on Bill Rabbit Art.

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.