BLOG for May 2021

It has been a lot of months between BLOG updates but let me put it this way, we have been very busy. Surgeries, physicals, Covid-19, retirement, and of course boat projects. In addition, I wanted to totally rewrite this website to make it easier to maintain using some new programming software but I have just not taken the time to educate myself on it. I still want to do that but it is just lower on my list of priorities for the time being. Our original plan was to retire and leave for Mexico's Sea of Cortez in 2020 but Covid fears ruined the entire season and set us back over a year. Now that we have had our covid vaccines, things are beginning to open up and we are making preparations to leave the dock this month or early June.

Most of our updates have been placed on our You Tube Channel We have added our arch, solar panels, installed a Splendide washer/dryer combo, replaced a failed Dometic AC reverse cycle heating unit with one from Flagship Marine out of Florida, had a haul out and modified the aft side of the keel, got my captains license, and the list goes on and on. But, we are down to a couple of final projects to leave the dock.

We got the water maker up and running but the switch in the faucet that operates the pump is bad, a new one should arrive next week. We have a wire to replace in the mast for the steaming light, then we will untie the lines and head out into Puget Sound for a couple of months shake down time. In mid August we will make "the big left turn" heading down the west coast to Mexico where we will join the Panama Posse Central American group. We hope to get through the Panama Canal and head north toward the east coast of the US then head over to the Mediterranean for a couple of years. But, as you know, we change our plans often. The adventure continues.

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.