BLOG for November 2016

The hydraulic pump was replaced and while there a jack solenoid stopped working so that was also replaced. The teflon bearing pads were replaced as well so now the slides and jacks are working flawlessly. I had them just give me the jack springs. I will install them in the spring when we get ready to go places again. No use stretching them out for six months for no good reason. Below is a photo of the old solenoid, teflon bearing pads and hydraulic pump motor.

The jeep now has a new braking system installed. We went with the SMI Stay-and-Play Duo. It was easy to intall with only one wiring connection and a ground. It has an indicating LED light that attached to the windshield to indicate when the system brakes are activated. As things always go, once the braking system was installed, the cruise control quit working. There was a braking system installed once before but had been removed. Turned out there was a broken wire in the harness which is now fixed and the cruise control is working again. It will be nice to see some sights outside the campgrounds.

The skirting is finally installed and none too soon. It is getting chilly here and the skirting will sure help keep the motorhome warmer. We think they thought things out pretty well. The skirting attached to the motorhome by a small channel mounted under the compartment doors and snaps where needed like around the wheel wells and front and rear bumpers.They added an additional section for the slideout where it is higher off the ground. They made a separate flap under the foldout stairs to provide some slack when needed. So far we are very happy with the installation.

The bra looks really nice also. They made a removable cover over the grill to install when parked and a flap that can be unzipped to access the engine compartment and of course cutouts for the headlamps and parking lights. The screen allows us to see outside in the daylight and hard for people to see inside. Believe me, anytime you can see through the windows which make our new home look roomier is a great thing.

We learned something new this week. This 2004 Itasca Sunflyer has two heating systems. A heat pump which provides cooling and most of the heating needs. There is also a propane furnace. We thought if we kept the controller switched to electric the heat pump would continue heating all winter. However, once the outside temperature goes below 36 degrees the propane furnace takes over. We think it is because the heat pump does not have a defrost cycle and the heat exchanger tubes ice over. That causes us some concern since we only have a 28 gallon propane tank on board. So, we leased an external propane tank. The tank was delivered Tuesday which keeps us from having to unhook everything to go fill the propane tank.

Well, that's about it for this update. Hopefully we can begin looking for the sailboat with more earnest this spring. Keeping our fingers crossed anyway. Until then.....

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.