BLOG for October 2016

We have been in our new spot for a couple of months now and things are working out well. We have plenty of room for the motorhome and both cars, an automatic gate that keeps the place secure, and great neighbors. It is starting to cool down here. It has been in the 30's already and in the 40's regularly. It is also turning out to be one of the top four Octobers for rain and may break the all time record if the rain continues. There haven't been any leaks that we have found so that is very good news.

We took the leap and traded the 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad in on a 2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. The Jeep is towable while the Journey was not and we were not happy being in an RV park with no other transportation. The Jeep already had the tow bar receivers in place and wiring for the tail, brake and turn signals already installed. We picked up a used Roadmaster tow bar at a good price but had to order the brackets from Roadmaster. The brackets cost more than the tow bar, go figure. The Jeep had a braking system at one time but it had been removed. We have been getting estimates to have one installed and it is a costly add on. At least we saved some money on part of this but not all. I guess that is a fair trade off.

We have the brake system work scheduled for Tuesday. The hydraulic slide is scheduled for the following Monday and Tuesday. Since this is our fulltime home now, they will allow us to sleep in it at one of their three overnight parking spots. The following Monday and Tuesday, the skirting, bra and windshield screen is scheduled to be installed. That will be the end of all the work we are planning to have done. Then we can start building the sailboat reserves. When we sell this in a couple of years, someone will get a fantastic rig.

Judy saw someone installing peel and stick backsplash at the vet clinic where she works. She had me look at it and it looked really nice. We shopped around and found some we liked and put it in our galley which is the first thing we see when we come in the door. WOW! What an improvement. Easy to install and looks great. A small price to pay for such a huge improvement. One of the lowest cost investment we have made on the motorhome so far.

I must say that living in a motorhome is an adjustment. The cabinets are much smaller than those in the house. Arranging things in convenient locations depends on the day. Many of the things we need access too are in one of the containers sometimes in a cabinet, sometimes in one of the outside storage campartments underneath the motorhome. Never in the first place I look either. Did I mention that this has been the fourth rainiest October on record so far? The black water tank needs to be emptied every three to four days. When it gets colder, the fresh water will be turned on every three to four days when we need to fill the fresh water tank. The adventure continues.

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.