BLOG for October 2017

We are in Tacoma!! We moved SV AKIA over September 28th and 29th to Foss Harbor Marina and were immediately assigned a slip on P dock instead of B dock. Turns out that wasn't a bad thing at all. The parking is better but we are about as far away from the office, showers, rest rooms and laundry as we can get. Of course we have a shower on board and heads so we can live with that without too much inconvenience. However, slip P4 is one slip away from the dock end of the fairway. This is a very tight spot to back the boat out which I have not learned how to do well yet. We managed to get an open slip across the fairway on Q dock near the center which comes open December 1. More space to back out. I will be happy with that I think.

Since we arrived it has turned cold and rainy. We connected power to the water heater for hot water but we only have a 30amp single pole service. That barely gives us enough power to run to small ceramic heaters. One of those must be turned off to turn the water heater on. On top of that the 45 amp battery charger draws between 2 and 10 amps normally. We are going to have to upgrade to a 50amp 2 pole service. Next year we also plan to upgrade the 600 watt inverter to a 3000 watt one and install two AC/reverse cycle heating units. That will be a great improvement. We wanted to get the dodger and bimini recovered, raised and extended to enclose the cockpit as well as getting the cushions done but safety comes before comfort.

We replaced the joker valves on both heads this month which as you can imagine is not something you look forward to doing be not doing it is not an option. So, they are new now and not leaking back into the heads any longer. We added terminal strips at the mast step and terminate the mast instruments and lights to make them easier to trouble shoot or disconnect if we need to pull the mast. We also replaced several of the 1973 vintage circuit breakers that were causing problems with the LED lights which turns out are quite sensitive to voltage fluctuations.

By the way, we still have our three original Native American paintings by Cherokee National Treasure artist Bill Rabbit. If you or if you know anyone who is interested please check them out on Bill Rabbit Art.

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.