BLOG for September 2016

We closed on the sale of the house on August 9 and had to move out that day. It was not as much of a rush as it would have been if Judy hadn't started selling everything we owned starting way back in May. But we still felt a bit rushed. We didn't sign until after 1PM and didn't think it would be recorded and funded until the following Monday. Surprise surprise!! Funny how things can come together sometimes.

Luckily, our friend had the driveway, the electric, septic and water all ready for us. We backed her in, leveled her, hooked everything up and started getting settled in our new home about two blocks away from the house we just sold. Same neighborhood is nice, we know where everything is. Before the week was out however, we packed our two carry ons and took off for our 10 day trip to Texas to visit family and friends as well as look at some boats while were there.

We spent a week visiting my mom, sisters and brother-in-laws, and nieces. It was so nice to have everyone together again. It has been 5 years since we had all been able to meet. Then on the last three days we drove to Kemah, Texas. We had made appointments with a couple of Yacht brokers before we left and saw 10 boats and took video of 9 of them. We will post them on our You Tube channel "SV AKIA" over the next week. We learned alot about makes, models, sizes, layouts, rigging, aft and center cockpits, monohulls and catamarans. Overall it was an awesome trip.

Once home, there were projects up the wazoo. The dishwasher had started leaking. The heating element nut under the pan had split and wouldn't tighten up. Of course, they aren't available anymore so I put a hose clamp on it and tightened it up. So far so good no leaking. The Splendide combination washer/dryer wasn't drying the clothes well at all. We drug it out of the cabinet, cleaned the vent hose, cleaned the drain pump filter and checked the drain hose location and how it fit into the drain pipe. Time will tell if that helped or not. The hydraulic pump motor on the large slideout is bad and needs to be replaced. The service contract we purchased with the motorhome will cover parts and labor. The reason the pump motor is bad is because the teflon bearing pads are worn out and need to be replaced. These are not covered by the service contract. In addition the jack springs that were initially okay are now not okay and need to be replaced, again, not covered under the service contract. And finally, we will have skirting installed to help protect us from the winter cold.

Is this the life we so eagerly jumped into? Not really but close enough. There are always things breaking and wearing out. Think of it this way, by the time we move on the boat we will have more know how and patience. So for now that is all. Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.