BLOG for September 2017

September has been busy for sure. We had SV AKIA registered with the US Coast Guard and we applied for an FCC license and for the current MMSI number to be changed to our vessel name. It was really great that the previous owners disassociated the MMSI (Maritime Mobile Ship Identity) number from their FRN (FCC Registration Nnumber) number so we could associate it with our FRN number. Otherwise the radios and AIS (Automatic Identification System) have to be reprogrammed by a certified radio technician or they have to be sent back to the manufacturer to be reprogrammed. It makes things easier this way. On the FCC website, I couldn't find an electronic application for a FCC radio operators permit so I have to call next week for some guidance. Yes, you need a FCC Ship Radio license if: 1. you are required by law or treaty to carry a radio on your vessel; 2. If your vessel travels to foreign ports; or 3. If you have marine radio equipment on board other than a VHF, EPIRB and radar. Then you have to buy a permit to use it.

We are going to have the boat yard powerwash her towards the end of next week so she will be nice and clean when we arrive. We applied her new name the last time we were there and the seaturtle graphic came in the mail last week so we can apply it after the cleaning. Once we get all those things done it will be time for a good polishing. We want her to look her best when we pull her into her new home in Tacoma. We will take the motor home this time and since it has a generator on it, we can use the power buffer instead of elbow grease. My shoulders hurt for a week after peeling the previous boat name off of the stern. Here is a picture.


Back on the motorhome front, when going to see the boat one weekend, we stopped in North Bend Washington for fuel. I made the mistake fo pulling into a station which was way too busy and not enough room to get in and out without a lot of maneuvering. We had to detach the jeep and move it out of the way to get the motorhome turned around. Apparently, I didn't move the jeep far enough away as I snagged the front bumper when turning. I thought I was clear but no. It was very busy, Judy was trying to keep traffic out of the way and I did not move slow enough. The jeep suffered no damage, but the motorhome suffered damage to the right rear heat pump compartment door and the end cap. Russ Dean and Progressive Insurance were fantastic! The repair was covered by insurance except for our deductable and Russ Dean did an excellent repair and repainted it perfectly. Thanks to all those craftsman for their expertise and skill.

With the motorhome repairs complete and only two weeks left before we are scheduled to move the boat, we head up this next weekend to finish boat preps and load the last few necessities. The temperatures are really dropping fast here in the pacific northwest. It was between 39 and 42 degrees when I woke up yesterday morning, depending on whether you looked at Accuweather or Weatherbug. But chilly none the less. The highs are only in the 60's and 70's next week. I hear it rarely gets below freezing in Tacoma but it does get more rain there. We will be placing a couple of dehummidifiers in there to help ward off the dampness.

We are really looking forward to getting her to Tacoma. Since we have Friday's off, it will make it possible to get there on a Thursday night after work at a reaasonable time that will give us all day Friday and Saturday to sail her in Commencement Bay and the surrounding areas. The dream is finally coming to fruition. Having the boat now moves the plan forward a giant step, but at a cost. Mooreage, insurance, utilities take away from the savings plan. That will mean working longer to make up those costs in exchange for sailing now, learning the in's and out's, how she handles under various conditions. We had planned to take the first year to learn how the boat handles but learning those things sooner means we will be ready to head south sooner. Life is full of compromises. As my dad used to say, "Roll with the flow".

By the way, we still have our three original Native American paintings by Cherokee National Treasure artist Bill Rabbit. If you or if you know anyone who is interested please check them out on Bill Rabbit Art.

Fair winds to all of our fellow travelers.